The United States and the Middle-East : A Love-Hate Relationship ?

Joel Beinin – Professor of History and Middle East History Stanford University – Harvard MA – Leading analyst of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Author of numerous books on social and political movements in the Middle East, Islam and relations between the US, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Iraq.
Firouzeh Nahavandi – Professor Université Libre de Bruxelles, Director of Centre d’Études de la Coopération internationale et du Développement, Author of more than 10 books on Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Islamic movements, regional development and globalisation
Ziad Majed – Professor of Middle Eastern Studies American University of Paris, Political Researcher specialized in Lebanon and Syria. Founder “The Arab Network for the Study of Democracy”
With the exceptional participation of HE Fareed Yasseen, Ambassador of Iraq to France
Opening Words: HE Jacques Andreani, former Ambassador of France to the United States, Egypt, and Italy, President of the US Section of France-Amériques
Moderator: Vivienne Walt, Foreign Correspondent TIME Magazine