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Steven D. EPPINGER, General Motors Leaders for Global Operations – Professor of Management, Professor of Management Science and Engineering Systems, Co-Director of the System Design and Management Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Dr. Eppinger is one of the most highly recognized scholars in the area of product development and technical project management.  His research is applied to improving complex design processes in order to accelerate industrial practices.  He is a pioneer in development of the widely used Design Structure Matrix (DSM) method for managing complex system projects.  He has authored over seventy articles in refereed academic journals and conferences.  He has co-authored a book based on DSM research entitled Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications published by MIT Press.

Steven D. Eppinger teaches courses in product design and innovation, engineering project management, and product management. Notably, he has created an interdisciplinary product development course in which graduate students from engineering, management, and industrial design programs collaborate to develop new products. He also teaches Sloan MBA, EMBA, and executive programs in the areas of product development and complex project management.  He has co-authored a leading textbook entitled Product Design and Development published by McGraw-Hill.  Currently in its sixth edition, the text is used by hundreds of universities and thousands of students around the world.

He has been a visiting Professor at HEC Paris in 2013 and 2014 and regularly teaches during Executive Seminars at the School.

In addition to several private corporate advisory positions, Steven D. Eppinger serves on the Advisory Board of Design Society, on the Research Advisory Council of Design Management Institute, on the Advisory Board of Directors of Society of Concurrent Product Development, on the Advisory Council of Portland International Center for Management of Engineering & Technology (PICMET).

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