Headhunting in the era of Linkedin (en anglais)

Positionning of the Executive Search Business in the Universe of the Search 2.0

En partenariat avec MIT Club de France

For a long time, one of the major competitive advantages of the headhunters has been provided by their candidates’ databases. The discussion wave brought by the social networks has not spared this activity and today, This disruption wave brought by the social networks has not spared this activity, and today, the greatest resume database as well as the biggest professional forum is free and available to all. Yet, the industry of professional recruiting is not going bad at all. What are the strategies that the recruiting firms have developed to continue to be indispensible to most companies? What are the consequences for the candidates?

To answer these questions, a diversified and international panel will highlight the options that their own recruiting firms have implemented, will debate the current and future trends, and will answer your questions, both from a potential client perspective and/or a candidate point of view.

Arnaud DUHEM – Elitis Search

Grégoire KANTARDJIAN – Russel&Reynolds

David MERCIER – Strammer

Sébastien STOITZNER – Gensearch

Thérèse STOITZNER – Gensearch

The moderateur will be Frederic PETTE, UCLA Anderson