Paris and Beyond : How Will Climate Change Shape The Future of Energy ?

What will decisions reached at the global climate talks in Paris mean for the future of the global energy and climate system? How far will pledges take us towards our climate mitigation goals, what future action is needed, and how will this affect the way we produce and use energy around the world? Join us for a panel discussion with leading experts from MIT and Tsinghua, who will offer perspectives on these questions. The panel will take place halfway through landmark global climate talks happening a few metro stops away, drawing a diverse audience connected with real-time developments. The panel discussion will be followed by drinks and networking.


MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT-Tsinghua China Energy and Climate Project, Institute for Energy, Environment, and Economy

Accueil à partir de 19h


En partenariat avec MIT Club de France

Prof. Henry D. JacobyMIT Sloan School of Management
Prof. Valerie KarplusMIT Sloan School of Management
Prof. Xiliang ZhangTsinghua University